5. July, 2018

SPL Newsletter

Good News: SPL newsletter is coming soon! All the news about SPL gear, events and product novelties, tutorials, contests and studio stories. Once a month all […]
18. June, 2018

Video – 120V Technology

6. June, 2018

Wednesday Photo Challenge

On every Wednesday in June you got the possibility to join our SPL Wednesday Photo Challenge. In reward you have the chance to get an SPL […]
24. May, 2018

SPL Crimson 3 at

At you will find a review about our Audio Interface SPL Crimson 3. “If you want to record music, do podcasts or add sound to […]
16. May, 2018

Phonitor 2 @ hardwaremax

“Today we are testing a very special amp, the SPL Phonitor 2 headphone amplifier. This bolide Made in Germany is built on various approaches. In this […]
9. May, 2018

Phonitor x @ LowBeats

“The Phonitor x is one of the most extraordinary headphone amplifiers on the market.” At you will find a review about our Headphone Amplifier and […]
26. April, 2018

Crimson 3 at musicradar

“There’s no doubt that Crimson 3 is a thoroughly capable and high-quality sounding audio interface, with some really nicely thought-through additions.” At musicradar you will find […]
19. April, 2018

SPL Phonitor x in Home Cinema Choice

Jon Thompson did a mini group test of headphone amplifiers including our Phonitor x. Check out what he has to say about the outcome of this […]
10. April, 2018

Experience Report Performer s800

Experience report by Ulrich Nähle. “Some time ago I had the possibility to test the SPL Phonos. I attested that the device would bring back the […]
6. April, 2018

SPL Performer at mobilefidelity

At you will find a review about our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800. “The Performer s800, thanks to its enormous power and dynamic, its superb […]