22. August, 2019

Updated drivers for Windows 10

Updated drivers for Windows 10 for the following devices: Phonitor e (with DAC768xs)Phonitor x (with DAC768xs)Phonitor xe (with DAC768)Director Mk2Madicon The new Windows Driver Version 4.67 […]
11. July, 2019

Review: SPL MixDream @ Amazona

“The SPL MixDream is an analog summing unit, which offers many advantages for a studio situation without external mixing console, but with lots of analog periphery.” […]
3. July, 2019

Story: Euphonic Architect

19. June, 2019

Review: Crescendo in Tape Op

“Using the Crescendo immediately gives me the impression that I’ve just unlocked some new and previously hidden level of fidelity across my whole mic collection.” Dana […]
29. May, 2019

Review: Crescendo in Sound on Sound

“Good enough’ is rarely good enough for SPL, as this thoroughly over-engineered preamp testifies!”  Hugh Robjohns “On review here is the company’s latest eight-channel mic preamp, the […]
16. May, 2019

Review: SPL Performer m1000 @ HIFISTATEMENT

“The times I was wary with digital elements are long gone: today, I am even able to hear if a LAN switch with Clock sounds better. […]
15. May, 2019

Phonitor xe in EAR IN

In the June/July edition of headphone magazine EAR IN you’ll find their highlights of the last three years – Best of EAR IN 2019. We are very […]
25. April, 2019

SPL Mastering Workshop at Superbooth19

Visit us at Superbooth19 in Berlin! Together with Berlin-resident Paul Schal (432STUDIOS), we will do two mastering workshops there. You’ll get an inside look at the […]
17. April, 2019

Your studio pics on our social media

You’d like to see your studio pics with SPL equipment on our social media platforms? We are always happy when you send us SPL related photos, tag […]
11. April, 2019

Hermes Mastering Router in Professional Audio

In the April 2019 edition of German Professional Audio magazine, you’ll find a review about our Hermes Mastering Router. “The extensive practical test of the SPL […]