17. April, 2019

Your studio pics on our social media

You’d like to see your studio pics with SPL equipment on our social media platforms? We are always happy when you send us SPL related photos, tag […]
11. April, 2019

Hermes Mastering Router in Professional Audio

In the April 2019 edition of German Professional Audio magazine, you’ll find a review about our Hermes Mastering Router. “The extensive practical test of the SPL […]
3. April, 2019

Phonitor xe @ fairaudio

At fairaudio you’ll find a review about our new headphone amplifier SPL Phonitor xe: “Typical for SPL, the DAC, namely the voltage converter and Lowpass-Filter, is […]
28. March, 2019

Win a ticket for the “Sheer Pleasure of Sound” event!

George Massenburg and Al Schmitt are coming to Basel, Switzerland – and you have the chance to join them! The Sheer Pleasure of Sound Conference will […]
7. March, 2019

SPL IRON Plugin in Professional Audio

In the March 2019 edition of German Professional Audio magazine, you’ll find a review about the brand-new SPL IRON plugin. First things first! The hardware: “IRON […]
28. February, 2019

SPL TwinTube in Studio Magazin

In German Studio Magazin (edition 18/12 & 19/1), you’ll each find a part of an interesting article about the sound characteristics of different ECC83 and 12AX7 […]
21. February, 2019

SPL Mastering Online Shop

Good News! As of now, all current SPL Mastering devices will be available at our Online Shop. In addition to the legally required manufacturer’s warranty of […]
14. February, 2019

DMC & MC16 at

Michael Romanowski – Mastering legend and owner of Coast Mastering – is a heavy SPL user and proponent of the SPL 120V-Technology. Last December, he took […]
24. January, 2019

SPL PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer in Sound & Recording

“I think we always knew: True beauty is analog!” When developing the PASSEQ Mastering Equalizer, our primary goal was to create a device spezialed for mastering […]
22. January, 2019

Masters of Mastering – Michael Romanowski

“The thing that I’m most excited about at the moment is one of the newest things: the SPL DMC Console and its components.” – Michael Romanowski […]