19. March, 2020

Frontliner @

How about an extensive review plus sound examples about the flagship among our channel strips – the SPL Frontliner. has taken a close look at […]
5. March, 2020

Director Mk2 in Haute Fidélité

Top marks for the Director Mk2 from France. The hifi magazine Haute Fidélité has dedicated a review to our DA converter and preamplifier in its February […]
20. February, 2020

Hermes @ Bonedo

You wished for a review with sound samples of our Hermes? Bonedo fulfills that wish. Felix Klostermann has taken a close look at our Mastering Router. […]
6. February, 2020

Director Mk2 & Performer s800 @

“You can always tell that the Director Mk2 and Performer s800 do not originate from the traditional hi-fi world. The emphasis is on technical specifications, the […]
30. January, 2020

Performer m1000 @ LowBeats

As a manufacturer you always want a device to perform at its best in a test – but that one of the most renowned hifi online […]
8. January, 2020

SPL Crossover in HiFi-Stars

HiFi-Stars is a holistic HiFi magazine – technology, music and lifestyle. In the current edition (45) you’ll find a review about the SPL Crossover. Like always, […]
12. December, 2019

Phonitor xe @ InnerFidelity

Online magazine InnerFidelity published a review about our Phonitor xe + DAX768. You can find the review at the InnerFidelity page. We provide you with a […]
10. December, 2019

Phonitor x + DAC768xs in EAR IN

In the headphone magazine EAR IN, you’ll find a review about our Phonitor x with DAC768xs. We won’t give away too much but what we can […]
4. December, 2019

Director Mk2 @ Hifistatement

A few years ago, Wolfgang Kemper of Hifistatement has tested the SPL Director. Logically, the time had come to try its successor – the Director Mk2. […]
28. November, 2019

SPL X-mas Countdown 2019

There will be a special SPL giveaway this X-mas. Plenty of SPL gifts are waiting for all SPL Newsletter subscribers every week. You haven’t subscribed to […]