Alberto Caltanella – The sound of Goldmike Mk2

Our friend and SPL user Alberto Caltanella has released a new album called “Wind Bells,“ available as a CD + book version. The guitarist and “flatpicking“ specialist has been using SPL gear for a long time and is especially fond of our GoldMike Mk2, which he, once again, used to record his new album.

The GoldMike Mk2 is a dual-channel microphone and instrument preamplifier, whose hybrid design combines the best of the solid-state and tube worlds. The solid-state stage features single transistors in a class A design, which means that the circuitry is fully discrete and each transistor is completely optimized for its specific task. In fact, the preamp doesn’t have any commercial IC’s because they cannot be optimized for this specific application to the degree we aimed for.

Watch Alberto at work with the SPL GoldMike Mk2:

Alberto is currently on tour and hosting his popular workshops and showcases!

To find out more about his music and events you can visit his website or follow him on Facebook.