28. April, 2020

Crescendo @ Amazona

At Amazona.de you can find a review (in German) with sound examples of our 8-Channel Microphone Preamp featuring 120V Technology SPL Crescendo. Jörg Hoffmann put the […]
21. April, 2020

SPL PQ @ SonicScoop

Nick Messitte of online platform SonicScoop was “on the hunt for a mastering-grade stereo equalizer for a while” when the opportunity to review an SPL PQ […]
16. April, 2020

SPL Crescendo duo Give-Away

You are sitting right in your studio reading this blogpost about the SPL Crescendo duo Give-Away, thinking the Crescendo duo would be the perfect front-end to […]
15. April, 2020

Phonitor x @ HiFi-IFAs

Not long ago, the HiFi-IFAs tested our DA converter & preamp SPL Director Mk 2 and were completely enthusiastic about it. This is why Falk Visarius […]
8. April, 2020

Crescendo @ Amazona.de

Matching the product launch, this is the this first review (in German) about our Crescendo duo. You can find it online at Amazona.de. We have compiled a […]
6. April, 2020

SPL Mercury – Customer Feedback

We would like to present an awesome customer feedback we received. Jens Buchholtz from Nordwest-Mastering recently purchased our Mastering D/A converter SPL Mercury and has sent […]