26. April, 2018

Crimson 3 at musicradar

“There’s no doubt that Crimson 3 is a thoroughly capable and high-quality sounding audio interface, with some really nicely thought-through additions.” At musicradar you will find […]
19. April, 2018

SPL Phonitor x in Home Cinema Choice

Jon Thompson did a mini group test of headphone amplifiers including our Phonitor x. Check out what he has to say about the outcome of this […]
10. April, 2018

Experience Report Performer s800

Experience report by Ulrich Nähle. “Some time ago I had the possibility to test the SPL Phonos. I attested that the device would bring back the […]
6. April, 2018

SPL Performer at mobilefidelity

At mobilefidelity-magazin.de you will find a review about our Stereo Power Amplifier Performer s800. “The Performer s800, thanks to its enormous power and dynamic, its superb […]
4. April, 2018

SPL PASSEQ in Studio Magazin

“Its passive design could already convince experts around the globe, so that the current new Passeq is a completion of the old but constantly fresh and […]