25. February, 2016

Win an SPL TDx or a SPL DeS 500 series module!

We will give away one SPL TDx as well as one SPL DeS 500 series module! Take a photo of a 500 series lunchbox/rack and post […]
19. February, 2016

Ready for revision – Crimson got a makeover

The SPL Crimson audio interface and analog monitor controller is now available in a new revised version 2 to satisfy the wishes of the Crimson users. […]
12. February, 2016

SPL at Wisseloord Studios – Musiker Plus

Nikolai Kaeßmann of Musikerplus visited the legendary Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum and talked extensively to Chief Sound Engineer Ronald Prent and Darcy Proper (Mastering Engineer and […]
9. February, 2016

Expansion Rack in Recording Magazin

“High-quality feel and the perfect sound of the unit meet the useful features of the Headphone-Amp Modul…“ In the 02/16 issue of German Recording Magazin you […]
4. February, 2016

SPL Crimson – Mac OS X El Capitan Bit-Accurate Driver

We´ve got some good news! We have updated our SPL Bit-Accurate Driver. It now harmonizes perfectly with the latest version of Mac OS X 10.11 El […]
1. February, 2016

IRON reviewed in Recording Magazine (USA)

“…nothing else out there really sounds like it“ In the current issue (1/16) of Recording Magazine you can find a review of our SPL IRON mastering […]